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Reverse Mortgages!

Posted by Ivan Sanchez
Ivan Sanchez
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on Friday, 04 May 2012
in Gold Quest Group

Reverse mortgage is a type of financial loan that is mainly provided to those people older than 62 year of age. The main concept related to this type of mortgage is that it is the lender who gives the money rather than you paying it back. That is, you are not required to pay back the money till you live in the home agaisnt which you are going to take out the mortgage. This is totally unlike the regular mortgages, where you as the borrower are required to make the monthly payments to the lender.

Advantages and disadvantages – reverse mortgage

There are mainly three types of reverse mortgages available. One is the “single-purpose reverse mortgage” which is offered by some agencies under the local and state governments. Another type is the federally insured one and the third type is the“proprietary reverse mortgage” which is given by the private financial institutions that actually develop these loans.

Just as there are various advantages of a reverse mortgage, there are also some disadvantages too.

The advantages are:

  1. The equity that has built up on the home can be used for various other purposes as required

  2. You are not required to make any payments to the lender till you leave the home or pass away

  3. The reverse mortgages are available as tax-free loans

  4. You won’t owe more than the value of your home even if you live longer than usual or expected

  5. You need not fear that you are going to default as you are not even required to make any payments

  6. The lenders who offer reverse mortgage can have no claim over your assets or your income

  7. There are no restrictions on how you are going to sue the cash you will be able to get through a reverse mortgage

  8. There are no pre-qualifications required with regards to your income in order to take out a reverse mortgage

The disadvantages of a reverse mortgage are:

  1. It can prove to be disadvantageous if you are planning to move out of this home in the near future

  2. There is the impossibility of your heirs not getting the home after you pass away

  3. Loss of equity on the home because of the lack of maintenance can cause problems as the amount that the lender will pay can lower

  4. If you take out the tax free reverse mortgage, you may not be eligible to obtain any other forms of public benefits

  5. The closing costs on reverse mortgages are in general relatively higher in comparison to the ordinary mortgages

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage, you will have to weigh amongst these and decide if you are going to take out one such mortgage.

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