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We are a full service residential and commercial brokerage firm and direct hard money lender. Our specialization deals with a lot of financing and mortgage transactions that include but not limited to residential and commercial loans: real estate, home equity, rehab, construction, investor loans, among others. Our experience in the business has stood the test of time to render each transaction with a patina of success. Thus, Gold Quest Group, LLC has enjoyed a successful history of originating FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, USDA, SBA, Hard Money, Super Jumbo and Reverse Mortgage loans since 2001.

Whether you are working on a purchase, refinance or hard money, we have over 40 multilingual mortgage loan specialists or refinance experts ready to listen and process your loan in a timely manner. We know how straining it is to look for the best mortgage company to deal with, and we reserve the decision for you to take time thinking which company in Houston is the best to work with. It’s important to partner with a company that has the credentials and expertise on refinance mortgage, rehab and home equity loans, hard money, to name a few, in order to achieve your business goals and to prevent yourself being swallowed up by financial distress. At Gold Quest Group, LLC we provide the best solution for your real estate and financial needs.

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Whether you are considering a purchase, refinance or equity cash out, Gold Quest Group, LLC highly considers superior knowledge and integrity to suit all types of financial needs. Indeed, we have a wide variety of mortgage products with great rates: FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, SBA, Hard Money and Reverse Mortgages. We have most types of grant or loan programs, take SBA and USDA for example, and down payment assistance programs offered by institutions such as the Federal Housing Administration, the City of Houston, Harris County and more. We can offer every kind of residential and commercial mortgage, investor, rehab, swing or bridge, home equity, construction and reverse mortgage loans among many others.

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